Cell Phone and Other Device Use Policy

Cell Phone and Other Device Use Policy

Student Use of Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices


K-8 St. John’s Lutheran Elementary School

  • No electronic devices (minus calculators and school issued computers) are allowed in a student’s possession at school from 8:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m unless otherwise authorized by a school employee.

  • At  St. John’s Lutheran Elementary School, a student must power down the device BEFORE  they walk in the door and then turn into the classroom teacher to be housed in a ‘cell phone tower’ as they enter the classroom.  

  • The device may be picked up at the end of the school day. The device must remain off while in the school building.

  • In special circumstances, a school phone may be used during the school day in the presence of school personnel.   If a parent needs to get a message to or talk to their child; they should call SJB main office at (262-763-2377) and relay their request through the office staff.

PK St. John’s Loving Hands Pre-School

  • At  St. John's Loving Hands Preschool bringing an electronic device to school is discouraged. If parents feel a student must have one, the electronic device must remain in the backpack and be powered off. If it is on or in use, a teacher will confiscate the device until the parents pick it up

  • During any and all extra curricular events, electronic devices should be powered down in the locker rooms or bathrooms. If the following rule is broken, the device will be taken and kept until contact is made with the parent.


  • Any device that is activated, used, or displayed in a way that endangers (physically, emotionally, verbally) will be held, awaiting disciplinary action via the discipline program.