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Fifth Sunday of Easter

Today's Focus:    Love One Another In the Gospel for today we will hear a part of Jesus' farewell speech to his disciples on the night before he died. He told them to love one another. "A new command I give you: Love one another" (Gospel).  The apostle Paul explained what Christian love looks like (Second Lesson). Motivated by Christ's love, we love one another.

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Today's Focus:    Our Good Shepherd Leads Us  The Fourth Sunday of Easter is called Good Shepherd Sunday. On Good Friday, Jesus laid down his life for us, his sheep. On Easter Sunday, Jesus took up his life again. As our risen and living Good Shepherd, Jesus leads us to the green pastures of our heavenly home.

Third Sunday of Easter

Today's Focus:  Jesus Prepares Us for What Lies Ahead   Jesus was always preparing his disciples for what was coming next. The disciples would need encouragement for their future ministry. So Jesus encouraged them by appearing to them on the Sea of Galilee and giving them a miraculous catch of fish. Through his word, jesus also prepares us for what lies ahead in our lives. He is always preparing us for lives of service to him. What ultimately lies ahead for God's people is the glory of heaven, as we will hear in our lesson from Revelation (Second Lesson). On this confirmation Sunday, we remember that Christ prepares us for what lies ahead. He prepares us for lives of service to him.

Second Sunday of Easter

Today's Focus: The Risen Jesus Comes to Strengthen our Faith   At first, Thomas refused to believe that Jesus had been raised from dead. But Jesus graciously came to Thomas and showed him that he was risen inded. Today Jesus comes to us in word and sacrament to strengthen our faith so that we may worship him as our Lord and God and so that we may carry out the mission he has given us to proclaim life in his name.