Our Philosophy and Goals

Our Philosophy and Goals
Our Philosophy and Goals:
St. John's Philosophy & Goals

We Want Children to Grow in Faith

The students are taught the truths of God’s Word, through which the Holy Spirit strengthens the faith received through baptism. We daily dedicate time to study God’s Word and also put Christ at the center of all subjects taught and all activities associated with the school.

We Want Children to Grow in Knowledge 
The number one priority of our school is to teach the truths of God’s Word to our students. We also realize it is our responsibility as an educational institution to teach academic subjects that will enable our students to be successful as they continue their education and equip them to be good citizens.


We Want Children to Grow in Christian Living 
As the Law and Gospel are taught, the Holy Spirit strengthens the faith of the children, fills their hearts with appreciation toward God, and gives them the desire to please him. The children want to serve God and lead lives according to his will, but because their souls are under the constant attack of Satan, the world, and their sinful flesh, students will sin. Then teachers and pastors have the opportunity to use the Law and Gospel to show them their need for a Savior, assure them of the forgiveness earned for them by Jesus, and encourage them to pray to God for the strength to live according to his will.

St. John's Curriculum
St. John's curriculum consists of classes in Religion, Math, Language Arts (Reading, Grammar, Spelling, Phonics, Handwriting, etc.), Social Studies, Science, Music, Art, Physical Education, Spanish, Keyboarding, Computer Applications, and more.  Our curriculum challenges students to use their abilities in all lessons and activities.  We want all students to grow daily in their faith, knowledge, and Christian living.

St. John's Objectives

St. John's has prepared a set of objectives for the next years:

       School vision and direction 2014 goals.pdf

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