Organization of WELS Lutheran Seniors - OWLS

The overall objective of OWLS is to give senior WELS members a continued sense of purpose and involvement in church-centered work during their maturing years, and to provide for their growth, development and happiness in a God-pleasing manner.

Our OWLS organized a prayer chain, organized a Historical Committee (gathering memorabilia pertaining to St. John's) and offer greeting cards, napkins and devotional materials through the OWLS card shop and bookstore.

We meet the third Sunday of the month either at 1:30 in the afternoon or at 7:00 in the evening (depending on the time of year.) We have many and varied programs and activities. We are an active group of seniors and would warmly welcome any WELS members 55 or older to join us for fellowship, mutual support, life enrichment activities and service to others.  We are encouraged to be all that we can be - and maybe a little more.

For more information or to join OWLS, please contact the church office at 262-763-8229.

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