Lutheran Women's Mission Society

Lutheran Women's Mission Society

St. John's Lutheran Women's Mission Society 
Our meetings:
  • Held every third Tuesday of the month (except the months of January, July August)
  • Begin at 7pm in St. John's meeting room
  • For all women of the congregation age 18 and older
Our Service Ministry
  • Carrying out various projects at St. John's Lutheran Church
  • Serving one of the Lenten meals
  • Participating in Shoreland Lutheran High School's Christmas cookie program
  • Gathering various daily needs for Calvary Academy and Christian Family Solutions
  • Encouraging missionaries through the Befriend a Missionary program
  • Providing financial support to various Home & World Missions

Our Mercy Ministry
  • Providing support to families at the time of a loss of a loved one by serving refreshments for the family's post funeral gathering at church
  • Visiting our shut-ins
  • Sending "get well" and "birthday" cards to our shut-ins

Our Education Ministry
  • Participating in devotion/Bible Study preceding our business meeting
  • Sharing information regarding WELS Mission work 

LWMS Resources: