Other Extra-Curriculars

Other Extra-Curriculars
Other Extra-Curriculars:
Drama: Each year, St. John's Lutheran School puts on a full-scale musical in the spring of the year. The title of the musical and the casting are typically set in December.

Academic Season:  As part of the preparation for the Academic Fair, St. John's hosts a series of competitions for the school, centered primarily in the upper grades. These academic contests include:

  Art Fair
  Science or Social Studies Fair
  Spelling Bee
  National Geographic Geography Bee

  Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee

Students use these academic competitions to push themselves academically to excel, and to give glory to God for all the gifts He has given to our school!

Music: There are many different opportunities for involvement in music in an extra-curricular format. These include:

  Junior Choir: A choir, directed by Miss Sarah Seelow, is for students in grades 5-8.
  Youth Choir: A choir, directed by Mrs. Beth Malliet, is for students in grades 2-4. 
  Junior Bells: A handbells choir for students in grades 5-8, directed by Miss Sarah Seelow.
  Handchimes: A chiming group, for students in grades 2-4, directed by Mrs. Beth Malliet.
  Piano Lessons: Given in-school during the class day once a week by Mrs. Beth Malliet & Miss Anna Prange, there is an additional charge for these lessons.
  Voice Lessons: Also given in-school by Mrs. Malliet, for an additional charge.
  Band Lessons: These lessons are given in-school during the class day once a week, by Mr. Keith Wordell. Again, there is an additional charge for these lessons, but tuition assistance is available based on need.
  Strings Lessons: Also given in-school once a week, by Miss Sarah Siegler. Costs and assistance are similar to band.

Forensics: In the spring, students in Forsensics prepare and present an oral piece in competition. This group, open to students in grades 5-8, is led by Mrs. Cindy Link, and Mrs. Kim Edgington.