Applying for Enrollment

Applying for Enrollment
When you are ready to apply for  a new enrollment in St. John's preschool or elementary school, parents or guardians should complete an application for their child. This form can be brought to the school office or forwarded to the school office by mail or email. Families who are applying for enrollment through the Choice Program, do not have to complete this form. The necessary student and family information is included in the Choice Program application.

Meet with School Leaders
Throughout the enrollment and application process, you are welcome to meet with our St. John's Principal and Pastors as well as teachers at our school. We want to answer your questions and help you and your child be ready and comfortable starting school at St. John's. 
Enrollment Accepted
The St. John's School Board and oversees final enrollment decisions. Parents will be informed as soon as possible when the application has been approved, denied, or placed on a waiting list.


After the enrollment has been approved, parents or guardians will be invited to register their child through our TADS School Management System. Additional forms may also be necessary to complete the new student's registration.